About Us

Shutterbug consists of a team of enthusiastic photographers from different backgrounds. Our primary goal at Shutterbug is to share our information and experience on cameras and photography, to help both upcoming and professional photographers. A lot of statistics have linked the upsurge of crime to the rise in the rate of unemployment. By venturing into photography, we think people are presented with the fantastic opportunity of earning a living from doing what they love, and at the same time discovering their own route to being creative.

Our Belief

T here was a time in our history when photography was reserved for the more elite in society because of the exorbitant cost of owning a decent camera. We believe that the recent advances in technology have swept that era far behind us. Today, even an average smartphone on the market comes with a decent camera which can fulfill your day-to-day photography needs.

Also, the companies manufacturing cameras are coming up with models for different levels of photography. Irrespective of your budget today, you can easily get a powerful camera for any type of photography project. There are online platforms now where you can good second-hand cameras for unbeatable rates. We believe that having a limited budget is no longer an excuse for anyone to shy away from pursuing a career in photography.

We believe that the best time to venture into photography is now. There are more photo editing apps now than ever which can help you to transform an average picture into a masterpiece. The editing tools are becoming better and you can do more with them. Editing in the past was almost limited to cropping and a vague attempt to correct colors but pictures, along with applied filters made popular by Instagram and other similar apps, can now be manipulated with ease.

The world’s wildlife, seas, landscapes and the growing number of social events offer a photographer diverse topics and niches for specialization. Evidently, photography is needed as a tool for economic diversification.

Our Mission

A t Shutterbug, we are committed to building a strong community of photography lovers. Through constantly reviewing the digital cameras in the market, we hope to be able to help budding and professional photographers make better choices. The major players in the market for a long time have been Canon and Nikon but Sony has made a strong statement with its a7 series of cameras. We expect the competition to get stiffer in the next decade. This will make it more difficult for even professional photographers to make a choice.

Enthusiastic photographers can always trust us to provide them with detailed reviews of all the digital cameras in the market to help them get better value for their money. We have the responsibility of featuring successful photographers to share tips that have helped them succeed for the benefit of upcoming photographers. If there is any tip or event out there that we think might be of benefit to photographers, trust us to always bring it to you. We promise to unite photographers from all over the world till we have a diverse pool of photographers that are experts in different areas of photography.

Our Vision

S hutterbug looks forward to the world where every moment when the world will be a peaceful place and everyone yearning to capture and preserve every moment, the time when photography will not be just a career but a way of life.

Dream Future

E veryone in the world has a right to good memories. Photography remains the best way of preserving history. There is a joy that comes with looking into a picture and seeing a younger version of yourself. Pictures also help us to tell stories of our past so that we ideally avoid repeating some of the mistakes we made as a result of poor judgment.

There is no contest in the world of photography because the field is now vast. One person can be a wildlife photographer, another a travel photographer, and yet another an event photographer. An event photographer can decide to cover only weddings while another may decide to cover birthday parties. The possibilities are endless.

The future is bright for photographers especially with the great technological revolutions. Cameras are becoming better as well as the post-processing tools now easily accessible. By interacting together, we will forge a better path towards surmounting the growing technologies rather than getting drowned in them. Together we can lift each other up to become great photographers.