The Best Places In The World To Shoot Pictures

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The natural glory of beautiful destinations can leave one spellbound, making even an amateur photographer capture the beauty in its entire splendour.

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W hile there are many such destinations that have been photographed over the years, here are a few unique and fresh destinations for you to explore.

These less famous destinations but photogenic spots offer a splendid opportunity to bring out your best photographic skills.


Maruata Bay, Mexico

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Known as Hippie Haunt in the region, Maruata is a fishing village that offers spectacular options for photographers. The awe-inspiring cliffs, birds, sea turtles, and wetlands make this place a photographer’s delight.

The sunsets are to die for here. Being a protected nesting place for the Pacific Green Turtle, you can shoot the nesting turtles up close here, provided you volunteer for the conservation program in the region.



Chugach State Park, Alaska, US

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For wildlife photographers, the Chugach State Park situated on outskirts of Anchorage is a big treasure trove. And it is easy to access unlike other popular national parks in the country.

The marshlands with flocking birds and swans, mountainous terrain, beluga whales, and spawning salmon are among the top views you can capture in this region.

The Tidal bore, a huge water wall formed by the gap between low and high tide is a sight to behold at the Turnagain Arm Pass region. The crescent lakes nestled amidst towering mountains and surfers riding the bore tide are special pro camera shots you should not miss out on.



Sapa, Vietnam

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Vietnam is popular for its beauty filled landscapes and mountainous terrain. Sapa located in the northwest mountainous region of Vietnam houses Mt. Fansipan. It is the highest peak with its Hoang Lien Son range which is a sight for sore eyes.

The mountains have unique looking hills that are cone shaped. What makes the place stand out is the diversity you see in the exotic landscape here.



Sri Lanka

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With a history dating back to the Paleolithic age, Sri Lanka offers quite a diverse range of photo shots. From ancient architectural wonders to the colourful local people and their culture, this country provides aplenty for your photography cravings.

The Buddhist temples, Sigiriya rock fortress and the fishing villages that dot the coastal region of the island country are must photograph spots. The friendly people add further allure to the place.

Local cuisine, Catholic monasteries dating to sixth century and Buddhist temples are the main attractions here.


Ladakh, India

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Instead of the usual Taj Mahal visit while in India, try Ladakh for fresh and spectacular scenery. Situated at the border of China and India, this place is called as the Kingdom of Monasteries.

Surrounded by the mighty Himalayas and Kunlun Mountains, the Cliffside and mountain top monasteries here offer a beautiful backdrop for your photo ops. The river valleys, glacier covered mountains, and desert landscapes add to the allure.


Namibia, Africa

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One of the most photogenic locations, the place offers great landscape diversity. The dunes made of red sand, salt flats, and rock formations here offer plenty of photography ideas. The Fish River Canyon, the second largest canyon in the world, keeps you occupied, leaving you rushed to capture everything you behold.



alt text

The puffins, glaciers, geysers, waterfalls, and the ever-popular Northern lights sum up the photographic potential of this country. With plentiful photo opportunities, you are sure to remain enchanted by the beauty of this destination.

The untamed mountains in Landmannalaugar, spectacular waterfalls at Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss and Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon offer plentiful photographic opportunities for the newbies and experts alike.



Capturing hitherto unknown places or well-known places in a unique way can boost your photography career beyond imagination. While you travel around the world in search of the right photography destination, make sure you are fully equipped with the essentials such as tripod, lens cloth, backpack for camera, and photographic filters.

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